"Highly recommend Dr. Hunter! I have been a patient for nearly 20 years and I wouldn't trust any other chiropractor with my care. He is professional, friendly and gentle with my adjustments." -Ashley G.

"I was looking for a gentle spinal decompression chiropractor near Rochester because I moved back here, and by chance, I found Dr. Hunter. He does the Cox method of decompression, and I was a bit leery, because I had always been put on a table that stretches your spine; however, I have been very pleased. Dr. Hunter is the most polite and professional chiropractor to which I've been. He is also extremely accommodating, understanding and educated on the holistic health issues of our time.                                                  I highly recommend him to anyone with back pain." -Kathryn W.

"Wonderful" - Mary S.

"Best chiropractor, hands down!  Customer service, personalized patient care, and professionalism are all top notch, best I've experienced.  Super friendly, always an upbeat and positive attitude." -Don M.

"Great doctor! Easy to make appointments and very knowledgeable! Reduced pain dramatically and helped me get back into the gym." -Isabella Q.

"Great guy with great service! I always feel better after leaving!" -Josh B.

"Love love love. Gentle, thorough and effective! Great bedside manner." -Angela C.

"Very easy to get appointments. Getting in and out is a breeze. Very friendly service, real pain relief." -Thomas F.

"Straight to the point. Great service" -Bob F.

"I was feeling better after my first treatment. Dr. Hunter's treatments are not aggressive, but I definitely felt my neck and back issues improved. He is also very warm and friendly and there is never a wait." -Britahn B.

"Dr. Hunter is great. I would highly recommend if you're in need of a chiropractor." -Carlos G.

"Dr. Hunter has improved the quality of my sleep and athletic ability. I have noticed much better range of motion in my performance since being in his care and less soreness at work being in front of a computer all day for my job. He is absolutely one of the best in the area. I highly recommend him after seeing a couple other chiropractors, he is the best. I look forward to each of my visits because I feel absolutely great afterwards." -Payam M.

"I learned about Dr. Hunter from an ad in a local paper and am so glad I took a chance on him. He's a no frills, straight forward chiropractor who innately knows how to properly adjust. I feel so much better and fully trust him with my chiropractic needs." -Dana B.

"Great guy with great service! I always feel better after leaving!" -Josh B.

"My visits to Dr. Hunter help with my lower back and neck pain tremendously. Every time he adjusts me, I feel a significant difference when I walk out of the office. In addition, he has given me exercise and stretching suggestions to prevent reinjury. If you are looking for a great chiropractor, Dr. Hunter should be your #1 choice." -Kathy T.

"My experience with Dr. Hunter has been wonderful. I have both lower and upper back pain. He has been able to reduce the pain significantly. Dr. Hunter is very personable and really listens to what the patient's issues are. In addition, there is little wait time as compared to other chiropractic offices. I have not waited more than 10 minutes. He keeps his schedule and respects your time." -Cheryl L.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Hunter's for well over a decade. During this time Jim has been my go to resource for spinal adjustment. He always delivers the results for my needs. As well, his positive attitude makes my visit a welcoming experience." -John M.

"I have been going to Active Spine for a while and I am very happy with Dr. Hunter. He has proven to be caring, reasonable and very professional. His sessions have definitely minimized my disturbing back pain. Big thumbs up." -Gezim K.

"My experience at ActiveSPINE has been great. My back pain is way better now, I'm able to pick up my grandchildren and play with them, pain free. My quality of life has improved tremendously." -Matt A.

"I can't say enough about the care I've received from Dr. Hunter. My neck pain and headaches used to control me, causing even more stress in an already stressful life. But now I'm able to live a normal life again. I get emotional thinking about where my life would end up if I hadn't tried chiropractic and just kept on with all the prescription drugs. Thank you for all your help, Dr. Hunter!!!" -Deborah T.

"Dr. Hunter is very knowledgeable and is able to pinpoint the areas that need adjusting. I have a neck/ nerve problem and his adjustments allow me to live pain free. I highly recommend his services." -Terry W.

"Dr. Hunter is a wonderful chiropractor. Ever since coming to ActiveSPINE my pain has reduced. I highly recommend Dr. Hunter for any of your chiropractic needs." -Jillian S.

"Dr. Hunter is extremely knowledgeable and thorough. Couldn't be happier with the care and consultation." -Bryan C.

"Dr. Hunter takes time to explain what is going on with more than just my back. His adjustments and stretches get me back on track and he listens to my ailments. Appointments are available on fairly short notice. Great Doc!" -Craig H.

"I went to two knee specialists, one drained my knee and recommended therapy, the second doctor recommended surgery. Dr. Hunter examined me, made spinal adjustments, and a knee adjustment. I stood up and walked around the room almost in disbelief, as my knee felt better than it had in months. This guy knows his stuff!" -Robert F.

"The care I receive from Dr. Hunter is excellent! His treatments keep me bowling every week without pain." -Beverly S.

"Very good. Got rid of my low back pain in weeks!" -Bill H.

"My youngest was suffering with chronic ear infections and constantly on antibiotics. Dr. Hunter suggested we check his spine to see if there could be anything nerve related. The chiropractic care really seems to help. He hasn't had anymore ear infections since and he really likes getting his adjustments." -Christina P.

"Dr. Hunter is the best at what he does! Try him before anyone else!!" -Edward H.

"I get terrible neck pain from all the time I spend at the computer and Dr. Hunter has helped so much. He's gentle but the adjustments are really effective. I won't go anywhere else." -Grace T.

"Great, fixed my sciatica. Kind, listens to your needs." -Virginia C.

"Dr. Hunter is exactly what I was looking for in a chiropractor. Highly professional but easy to talk to. Dr. Hunter walked me through the process with patience and good humor, explained everything he was doing along the way and really took pride in working with me to develop the best possible treatment plan. I've never felt better." -Dan B.

"I have went with pain for five years. My neck, back and arm take turns on what hurts that day. Dr. Hunter has worked it out with no pain medication. I forgot what it was like not to hurt somewhere every day. His office makes it convenient for my schedule and is extremely helpful." -Vickie M.

"I started visiting Dr. Hunter during my pregnancy with my daughter 3 years ago as my back pain started to increase. Regular adjustments is just what I needed to get through my pregnancy with minimal discomfort. I have seen him periodically after that, and now that I am pregnant again am seeing him regularly. Dr. Hunter is very kind and listens to my needs and has always treated me with extra care. I have recently moved to Plymouth but still make the drive as I don't trust anyone else!" -Laura L.

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