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  • Dr.
    James M. Hunter

    My chiropractic journey began due to injuries suffered from a sledding accident my senior year in high school. A trip to the ER uncovered that no bones were broken, nor were there any life threatening issues, so I was released after a few hours. When the severe pain I was experiencing didn't improve, leaving me unable to attend school or work for several days, I knew I needed help.

    Luckily, my brother suggested chiropractic, as it had helped him following an auto accident. Well, the rest as they say is history. I improved quickly under chiropractic care, and it made such an impression on me that I decided to become a chiropractor and help people the same way I had been helped.

    I have now made well over 200,000 chiropractic adjustments, in 17 years, helping people live a better, healthier life.

    There IS something better than pain pills, drugs and/or surgery. And that something is natural healthcare.

    I do promise that if you decide to try chiropractic care at our office, my staff and I will take care of you with the same concern we would show, were you a brother, sister, mother, or father.

    Yours in health,

    James M. Hunter, D.C.

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